We offer 3 levels of fixed fees for divorce/dissolution of civil partnership: Prestigious, Check and Managed.

Other fixed fee services for uncommon elements of the divorce process such as applications for deemed or substituted service, applying for the Decree Absolute to be made a year after the Decree Nisi and obtaining an Article 39 Certificate are available.

We also offer fixed fees across a wide range of family matters. Please call for more details.

Our Packages


Solicitor Assisted

We manage the entire divorce/ dissolution of civil partnership process on your behalf.

  • Corresponding with the court

  • Corresponding with your ex-partner or their solicitor

  • Drafting all of the necessary
    Court documents

If you are the Petitioner (the party who initiates the application) the fee is £995 + VAT*

If you are the Respondent (the party being divorced) we can cap your fees at £495 + VAT giving you peace of mind that the fees will not spiral out of control.

*Court fees are not included in our fixed fee services.


Check & Send

We provide a checking service so that you can handle the divorce/dissolution of civil partnership yourself knowing that your documents have been correctly completed.

One of our solicitors will check and advise on your completed petition so you can be reassured your petition will not be rejected by the Court.

We will also send your petition to the Court for you if you provide us with your original marriage/civil partnership certificate and the Court fee.

We also offer other check and send services for all stages of divorce and other areas of family law.


Manage Yourself

We provide all of the Court forms to enable you to complete the divorce/dissolution of civil partnership process with a helpful guide and sample documents to assist you.

You will manage the divorce yourself so this package is suitable for the cost-conscious and those who feel comfortable with the process.

We also provide covering letters to send to the Court at each stage of the process.

Please note, our fixed fee packages do not include the court fee. Currently, the court fee to issue a divorce/dissolution petition is £550. If you are on benefits you may be entitled to a fee exemption or reduction which should be applied for at the same time as the petition. All prices exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

Other Fixed Fee Services

We offer a wide range of other fixed fee services/checking services across the range of family law issues including matrimonial finances such as drafting your financial order, assistance with your Form E and other documents required in this process, separation agreements, pre/postnuptial agreements, declaration of trusts for unmarried couples purchasing property, cohabitation agreements and matters concerning children.

Should you require assistance with a particular document we also provide a document workshop for £150 + VAT for up to one hour with a Family Solicitor.

Please contact us on 0203 096 7500 or email info@pcm-law.net to discuss your requirements and for more details.

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